I understand your frustration.

As a Wellness Advocate, I completely understand that you want to use natural products that work at an affordable price, but you still have to pay expensive retail prices.

After using dōTERRA® essential oils for 5 years, I'm healthier, my house is more clean, and the clients I sell dōTERRA® to are happier and report feeling healthier.

I understand how you feel. Its frustrating trying to weed through all the hype about essential oils, the science and the ethics, as well as the practice and the use. I struggled with all those very same concerns.
Once I began the process of trusting my gut, studying the competition, and finding science I could believe in, using my oils for health and wellness became an absolute joy. Since then, I’ve become a doTerra Empowered Success Certified Sales Pro, while building a business that provides residual income and lets me set my own schedule around my family and caregiver responsibilities.
I can teach you to do the same. As I grow my team, we are able to deliver competent, reliable, science based information to you, at the level of interest you request. Simply owning a bottle of doTerra Essential Oils will not change your life. Opening it has the potential to do so.
These people were skeptical before dōTERRA®.

I have struggled with mental illness for a few years and very little things have helped me feel better. Fortunately for me, Sam helped me in ways I am deeply thankful. She never stopped thinking of new oils for me to try that would help me, and was so delightful to work with in the process. Finally, we found some that really WORK – specifically, the “Console” oil! I rub it everywhere that helps me breathe it in! It changed my mood almost immediately and lifted my mind! She gave it to me in a sweet little gift package and I feel so cared for and thankful. She knows her stuff, and she loves hard. Thanks Sam!

Natalie Zima

I use(d) Cassia, which only dōTERRA® sold in Canada, to control my blood sugar.

Chantal Flynn

I’m loving my Cheer! It’s helping my mood a lot and I noticed even on rainy days after use, I feel that Cheer has helped me.

Pauline Postill

Becoming a parent pushed me to me more conscious about the products I brought into my house, especially ones that would come into contact with my little one. I looked into dōTERRA® as a way to naturally scent my home, but it’s quickly spiralled into learning how to use oils for most aspects of our lives.

Kaylee and little Kat

I love what dōTERRA® has to offer for my family and I: health! We love discovering the intentional and unique purpose of each oil. Our favourite is On Guard. We use it for everything and it has truly made us healthy and holistic.

Sara Turner

Super Easy Get-Started Plan
Get More Sleep, Feel Less Pain, and Live Healthy

1. Choose a kit

Customize your product membership (it's not expensive). After using your first box, you can add or remove products as needed.

2. Learn how to use it

Open an oil. Take a sniff. Ask me how to use it. It's really that simple.

3. Get healthy again

Feel more relieved and live more healthy. This is natural wellness made easy!
How does essential oils promote natural wellness?

Many people are skeptical about using essential oils. At Essentially Oil Changed, I help them learn and invest in Doterra products so that they stop using toxic products and become healthy again.

At Essentially Oil Changed, I know that you want to become healthy and relieved. In order to do that, you need natural wellness. The problem is your sick and tired of expensive products that are toxic.. This makes you feel skeptical that essential oils don’t work. The thing is, you should have peace of mind knowing the products you use are nontoxic and are proven to actually work.

Like you, I understand the frustration of wanting to use natural products that work at an affordable price, but having to pay expensive retail prices. After using DoTerra essential oils for 5 years, I’m in less pain, my house is more clean, and the clients I sell Doterra to are super healthy and relieved.


Here’s how I do it:
1. Choose a kit
2. Learn how to use it
3. Get healthy
So, get the kit. And in the meantime, get a free sample of oil. This way, you can pay cheaper prices and become a more healthy and relieved you! (Bye bye toxins!)
Still Not Convinced? Get a Free Sample.
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